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Five Ways to Use Social for SEO and Vice Versa

  • Five Ways to Use Social for SEO and Vice Versa

    by Carolyn Lyden


    Author: Carolyn LydenSure, your tweets may show up in certain Google searches. But we know that social media links don’t figure in SEO link-building (or we’d all rank for everything). Plus, unless someone is searching specifically for your Twitter profile or Facebook page, those social SERP results typically don’t convert leads into customers. We also know that SEO efforts don’t have the same effect on social algorithms as they do on search engines.


    Social media and SEO are often viewed as mutually exclusive marketing practices.

    There are inherent issues in treating social like SEO and SEO like social. So what’s the point in SEO marketers working with social media and community managers and vice versa? Though it seems they’re on two ends of the marketing spectrum, there is quite a bit of overlap that can benefit both sides.


    Here are five ways that SEO marketers and social media/community managers can work together to improve their respective practices at MarketingProfs.com

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