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Five Ways to Make Email Marketing More Effective

  • Five Ways to Make Email Marketing More Effective

    from ChiefMarketer.com


    Five Ways to Make Email Marketing More EffectiveThere is a staggering number out there. It seems that nearly 3 billion emails were sent – per day – in 2019. And that means, by any measure, that email is a very crowded space. So to make it really work for you, it must be effective in capturing consumer attention and consent.


    Now, for a lot of us, right now we have a lot of contemplative time our hands. So, it’s probably a good time for us to reflect on how we approach to our email programs.


    Good Questions to Ask . . .

    One way to start is to ask yourself some basic questions. First, are you effectively capturing consumer consent to receive emails and making the most of your interactions with customers and prospects? And, do your emails go to the right people? Is your marketing operation using the most effective targeting techniques? And for a very timely question, are you practicing good list hygiene?


    All of these are important questions. And if you depend on email to generate leads and drive revenue, it’s critical to understand how the email marketing environment has evolved. But, more importantly, how to maximize email engagement. So, to gain some answers and to see five tips to consider going forward, read the full article on ChiefMarketer.com

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