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Five Steps to Building Trust With Thought Leadership

  • Five Steps to Building Trust With Thought Leadership

    by Mark C. Nardone


    Author: Mark C. NardoneAccording to current data, about 50% of B2B marketers believe thought leadership builds trust in their organization. However, among actual buyers, that number is much higher. That is around a whopping 83%.


    Thought Leadership = Trusted Resource

    And that represents a huge disconnect. This disconnect is preventing B2B marketers from using thought-leadership content to it’s fullest value – in their quest to become a trusted resource for their customers. And marketers and business leaders alike need to understand that establishing a thought-leadership program drives value and builds trust. And not doing so risks falling behind or damaging their brand’s credibility in the industry.


    Are you in the same boat? Here are five easy-to-follow steps for kicking off (or elevating) your brand’s thought-leadership program at MarketingProfs.com

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