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Five Content Marketing Myths Debunked

  • Five Content Marketing Myths Debunked

    by Kevin Lindsay


    Author: Kevin LindsayNot long ago, content marketing was real simple. It was all about launching a website, posting on blogs, and circulating emails to new and existing customers.


    Well, That is no Longer the Case

    Today, it’s a critical, multifaceted discipline. Today, most organizations now see content marketing as one of the most invaluable tools in their belts for driving brand awareness and sales leads. Which is why content marketing budgets continue to rise. In fact, nearly 85% of technology marketers surveyed recently by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs say they’ve used content marketing effectively in the previous year.


    Myths Busted . . .

    Yet it’s highly likely that those campaigns were less successful than they could have been. And by looking deeply into these campaings, we would most likely turn up weaknesses. And most are borne from some broadly held content marketing myths. Here are the five most common content marketing myths to overcome at MarketingProfs.com

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