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Explainer Videos: The Best Way to Tempt Prospects

  • Explainer Videos: The Best Way to Tempt Prospects

    by Hope Horner


    Author:Hope HornerHow would you like to have the opportunity to spend two minutes with all potential customers? Just showing them exactly why they should choose your brand instead of your competitors? Imagine how powerful your own passion for your product could be for interested consumers.


    This is the power of an explainer video

    Demonstrating this kind of contagious enthusiasm is often what ultimately wins your audience over. It is simply turning viewers into customers. And it works. Social performance management platform Work.com added an explainer video to its homepage. And their conversions increased by 20%. What’s more, according to Wyzowl’s Survey: The State of Video Marketing 2016, of the 45% of businesses that have explainer videos on their homepage, 86% say they are effective.


    But, there are nine simple, but critically important elements, are needed to effectively (and perpetually) deliver your brand’s messaging to your target audience. And to learn them all, read the full article on ChiefMarketer.com

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