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Email Subject Lines That Sell

  • Email Subject Lines That Sell

    by Ayaz Nanji


    Author: Ayaz NanjiWhich phrases, incentives, and punctuation marks in email subject lines inspire consumers to take action? To find out, Phrasee examined the performance of more than 700 million emails sent by retail and e-commerce brands earlier this year, primarily from companies based in the United States and the United Kingdom.


    The researchers isolated the impact of specific elements in subject lines and examined how they affected open, click, and click-to-open rates. Each element was given a Phrasee Score—a normalized, weighted score on a 1 to 100 scale that aggregated the overall effect a phrase had on response metrics. The higher the Phrasee Score, the more reliably positive the results from a phrase were in motivating consumers to take action. Below, key findings from the analysis; check out the full report to see results for all the phrases examined.


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