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Don’t Cut Yourself Short – Go Long Form

  • Don’t Cut Yourself Short – Go Long Form



    Author: By Drew McLellanIn a world where 280-character tweets, Facebook posts, and USA Today style graphics are the range, it’s easy to assume that brevity is the key to great content creation. And add to that the reality that more and more of us are accessing our online news, social networks and other content on our smartphones. In combination, those two realities would make you believe that people don’t want to read long form stories anymore.


    The Danger in Marketing is – We Observe and Assume

    There’s a place for that in the mix. But we need to check those assumptions against something a bit more objective and with a broader lens than our own experience. And that’s why a study out of the Pew Research Center is so fascinating. Surprisingly, this study found that long-form news articles are actually more effective than shorter pieces. And that held even for audiences viewing the content on their smartphones.


    For more insights and an opportunity to download the entire report, read the full article at the McLellan Marketing Group blog.

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