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Creating LinkedIn Campaigns Efficiently and Effectively

  • Creating LinkedIn Campaigns Efficiently and Effectively

    by Brenna Lofquist


    Brenna LofquistBrenna, as a Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing, has worked on numerous LinkedIn campaigns. And that work has ranged from developing strategy and reviewing existing campaigns to improve performance. In fact, you could say she’s done it all. So with all of that, she thought that she might as well write a blog piece covering some of the ideas she has arrived at.


    Just in Case You’re Playing Along at Home . . .

    First, she willingly admits that she is, “by no means, an expert in digital marketing or LinkedIn campaigns.” But, rather, what she has to say is based on her solid experience and some rather impressive results and performance she’s seen.


    In this article, she points out a few things to keep in mind when creating a campaign. And then brings up some solid best practices and tips she’s used along the way. So to learn more, read the full article, Creating LinkedIn Campaigns Efficiently and Effectively, at Heinz Marketing’s Blog.

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