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Creating Content That Sells

  • Creating Content That Sells

    by Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré


    Author: Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréFrom her own witty introduction in her AMA on Inbound.org, Joanna Wiebe makes it clear that she has a lock on copywriting. And she’s not just any copywriter. Joanna’s a “conversion copywriter” (a phrase my copywriter friends may want to adopt for their LinkedIn profiles), meaning she writes content that drives conversions and sells products. And she has a lot to say about how to make your words count — in dollars and sense.


    In her AMA, Joanna goes into the details of copywriting price points, building a business, and, of course, how to write copy that converts and delights. I’d urge you to check out the full thread, but if you want a quick summary of some of her best copywriting advice, check out the nine tips below.


    The 9 Top Copywriting Lessons From Joanna Wiebe – Creating Content That Sells Read the entire article at HubSpot.com

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