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Create a Killer Email Call to Action

  • Create a Killer Email Call to Action

    by Paul Ford


    Author: Paul FordCreating great calls to action (CTA) is more than possible. And yet so many links in brands’ marketing emails remain unclicked. In fact, many of those emails are never even opened in the first place.


    The Bad News Is . . .

    Over 100 billion business emails are sent and received every day. While is may seem that most end up in your inbox, most will go unopened and even unnoticed. This is according to The Radicati Group‘s Email Statistics Report for 2015 – 2019.


    The Good News Is . . .

    Marketers can cut through that clutter by focusing their efforts on strong CTAs. By doing so, they can drive customer engagement and boost revenue. To find out how you can do that, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com


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