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Captioned Video Ads Show A Lift in Brand Linkage

  • Captioned Video Ads Show A Lift in Brand Linkage

    from Marketing Charts


    We know that advertisers are increasing their video budgets this year. But are they missing out on one key element that could make a difference to audience engagement? A new survey from Verizon Media has found that and astounding 7 in 10 US consumers watch videos without sound in public spaces. This makes captioning not only important but expected by viewers and crucial for your business.


    The vast majority of people who use captions are not hearing impaired. Half of the more than 5,600 US consumers surveyed report that captions are important because they usually watch videos with the sound off. Perhaps, more importantly, the majority of respondents said they are more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available.


    What Does This Mean to Advertisers? Read the full article at Marketing Charts to learn more.

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