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Build a Cross-Channel Lead Generation Strategy in 4 Steps

  • Build a Cross-Channel Lead Generation Strategy in 4 Steps

    by Brett McHale


    Author: Brett McHaleCross-channel marketing is an important element of your lead generation strategy. But figuring out the details isn’t always easy. It’s tricky to determine how to approach the relationship between each channel.


    Questions. Questions. And More Questions.

    And it doesn’t get any easier, especially if you’re considering all the relevant questions, such as, how much budget do I allocate to each channel? Or, how do I get the most out of each channel? and even, how can I better connect what we’re doing on Google to what we’re doing on Facebook?


    Once you begin marketing on multiple platforms, it becomes apparent that certain strategies work for more than one channel. While others may only apply to one of them. So to help, Brett McHale brings us an easy to understand guide. With this guide, he walks us through four steps to create a strong cross-channel strategy so that you can get more out of each of your advertising channels.


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