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Blockchain 101: What Digital Marketers Should Know

  • Blockchain 101: What Digital Marketers Should Know

    by Maren Williams


    Author: Maren WilliamsBy now, you have probably heard the term “Blockchain.” And you may have even know some of how it works. But you may not know. Blockchain is something that is potentially poised to fundamentally alter marketing as we know it today.


    First Things First – What Blockchain is Not

    Blockchain is not cryptocurrency. Nor is it synonymous with Bitcoin. It is a process. And is the technology that enables cryptocurrency to exist. Essentially, it records cryptographically bound transactions between peer-to-peer networks.


    And, let’s face it. Blockchain is here to stay. So it’s probably time to truly understand its scope and impact on our marketing. To learn more, read the full article at MarketingProfs.com


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