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B2B Influencer Marketing to Jump-Start Your Growth

  • B2B Influencer Marketing to Jump-Start Your Growth

    by Andrew Schulkind


    Author: Andrew SchulkindOne way to amplify your message is to amplify your audience. Of course, growing your audience in an organic and sustainable way can be a tall order. But you can jump-start that growth process by working with influencers who have their own audiences already.


    What! Influencer Marketing for B2B? That is Just Crazy Talk

    Now you may be saying to yourself, but doesn’t that only work for consumer products? It cant possibly be good for B2B products, can it? And who in my market is going to think that Pamela Anderson it really a credible influencer?


    Yes, influencers can work in B2B markets. And here’s an introduction to B2B influencer marketing on TargetMarketing.com.

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