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B2B Email: Customers Crave Curated and Customized Content

  • B2B Email: Customers Crave Curated and Customized Content

    by Beth Negus Viveiros


    Author: Beth Negus ViveirosToday, B2B marketers who rely upon email marketing are facing some huge challenges. Long gone are the days of batch and blast. Now, challenged by expectations in the market, we need to personalize email content, making it relevant to the recipient. And that means going way beyond just dropping someone’s name in the subject line and calling it customization. It means giving them what they want.


    It All Comes Down to Creating Relevant Content

    Relevant content that people crave is crucial to your email campaign success. But, many brands still have a hard time generating content at scale to fuel their B2B email marketing initiatives. And if you don’t have the content, or it isn’t something people want, then your campaigns simply don’t yield the results you need.


    In this article, Beth Negus Viveiros, Managing Editor at ChiefMarketer Networks, gives some interesting insights into B2B email marketing. She looks at how curated and customized content can impact email success. So, to learn how you can make it work for you , read the full article at Chief Marketer.

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