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B2B Buyers to Vendors: Stop and Listen For A Moment

  • B2B Buyers to Vendors: Stop and Listen For A Moment

    from MarketingCharts.com


    If there’s something that really irks B2B buyers, it isn’t a vendor’s lack of understanding of the company, its needs, or even its industry. After all, those things can be learned or explained in the course of a discussion. But there is one thing needs to happen first. Vendors have to listen. This is according to the second installment of Merkle’s 2017 B2B loyalty research [download available].


    The Sounds of Silence . . .

    The survey asked 200 B2B buyers in North America and Europe to choose from a list their greatest challenges during their purchase process. They probed the range of activities from searching for, identifying and considering which business products and services to buy.  And, by far the most common complaint related to vendors being unwilling to listen to them.


    To see more of the data and insights, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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