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B2B Buyers Rely on Vendor Websites for Content

  • B2B Buyers Rely on Vendor Websites for Content

    from Marketing Charts


    FocusVision Where B2B MarTech Buyers Sourced Content Apr2020Repeated studies indicate that, on average, B2B buyers consume 13 pieces of content before making a buying decision. And it’s clear that content plays a vital role in the buyer’s journey.


    The Top Content Source May Come as a Surprise

    So, where are buyers finding the content they need? For most B2B buyers, vendor websites have proven to be an important source of content throughout each stage of their journey. This conclusion comes to us thanks to recent research from FocusVision.


    Of the average 13 pieces of content buyers reported consuming, an average of 8 came directly from the vendor, with the remaining 5 being from third-party sources. More importantly, the study revealed that 7 in 10 buyers surveyed said the content they relied upon most came directly through vendor websites. To learn even more, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com.

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