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Understanding Amazon as an Advertising Platform

  • Understanding Amazon as an Advertising Platform

    from eMarketer.com


    Net US Digital Ad Revenues at Amazon, 2016-2019 (billions, % change and % of total US digital ad spending)Amazon is a retail giant. Or is it a marketplace, a retail and content company? Or is it simply the most customer-centric company on earth?


    Digital Behemoth or Digital Powerhouse?

    However you classify it, it’s also a digital ad powerhouse. This year, about a quarter of Amazon’s US digital ad revenues will come from search placements. That means that Amazon will earn 1.1% of US search ad spending, enough to put it in fifth place after Google, Microsoft, Oath and Yelp. Now that is impressive for a company that has only recently discovered it’s ad revenue muscle.


    For more of the numbers and added insights, read the full article on eMarketer.com

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