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AdWords Event Tracking Made Easy: How to Track Custom Conversions

  • AdWords Event Tracking Made Easy: How to Track Custom Conversions

    by Griffin Nauss


    Author; Griffin NaussCustom event tracking is an amazing tool. It’s a way to quantify all those valuable actions taken on your website that regular, old, conversion tracking simply can’t capture. So, typically, conversion tracking takes place by trigger events such as when a “Thank You” page is accessed.


    However, this is not the case when the action takes place on-page. As an example, someone does something on your page that you would like to track. But, that action takes place on a single page and no “Thank You” page is generated. And, that means that since there is no URL change, conversion tracking doesn’t take place.

    This is where Custom Event Tracking comes into play . . .

    Custom event tracking allows you to measure the results of an on-page action. It may be something as simple as a form fill-in. Or  a light box opening. Or it may even be a product being added to a shopping cart. But by wrapping that action in a specific tracking code – upon completion – a conversion is recorded. And all without bringing your prospect to a new page. And, Voila! Your event is tracked.


    So, to learn what the AdWords custom event tracker is and why it matters, read the full article at WordStream.com

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