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Advanced Facebook Retargeting: How to Up Your Ads Game

  • Advanced Facebook Retargeting: How to Up Your Ads Game



    Michael A. StelznerWe know that customers seldom go to a website and purchase after their first visit. It’s even more rare for a customer to convert after clicking on just one ad. This is especially true if they’re unfamiliar with your brand or your price point is relatively high. In most cases, there’s a long journey to get customers to convert and Facebook is uniquely positioned to handle the buyer’s journey along each step in a way that other channels can’t.


    A Better Audience, Not a Larger Audience is Best

    Facebook’s retargeting campaigns do tend to be more expensive than targeting a cold audience. But these campaigns can help you actually reach a more responsive audience. Facebook does offer a variety of retargeting options and immersive ad units that aren’t available on other platforms. But it also boasts both a higher audience inventory and lower conversion costs. So, ultimately, retargeting on Facebook can be far more valuable to your business.


    To explore advanced Facebook retargeting, Michael Stelzner recently interviewed Susan Wenograd. Susan is a Facebook ads expert, a regular columnist at Search Engine Journal, and an account director for AimClear, an integrated digital agency. To see the full interview, read the article at SocialMedia Examiner.

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