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A Surprising Cold Email Practice That Works

  • A Surprising Cold Email Practice That Works

    by Jeff Molander


    Author: Jeff MolanderIncreasingly, clients are opening emails based on curiosity about what’s inside the email — not anticipation of value they’ll receive. Likewise, prospects are replying to cold messages based on curiosity, not value received in the message. Nor, for that matter, in anticipation of the value in a meeting.


    Great. But How Does This Work?

    Instead of asking for a meeting, help prospects ask you for a discussion by piquing their interest in one. Not by offering value. But, rather, by being vague. Simply pique their interest in a discussion.


    This helps your message stand out from the pack. It’s unusual in how it breaks the typical cold email best practice (pushing value) pattern. And to see how to put it to work for you, read the full article at TargetMarketing.com

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