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A Handy Guide to Press Release Distribution Success

  • A Handy Guide to Press Release Distribution Success

    by Sam Allcock


    Author: Sam AllcockTo thrive as a small business, you need people to know that you exist and that you can help them. One way to do that is to get press coverage. But, unfortunately, coverage doesn’t just come naturally. It is something that you need to work to get.


    Enter: The press release.

    Press releases are important for increasing your brand awareness and helping your public relations (PR). But if nobody sees your release, you won’t get very far. You need to distribute it effectively to get your story picked up by national newspapers, magazines, or blogs.


    But you may not know exactly how to do that. So, to help, Sam Allcock from HubSpot has put together a Handy Guide to help you learn how to properly create, pitch, and distribute a press release for optimal brand awareness. To see the full guide, read the full article at HubSpot.com.

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