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A Guide to Using Video in Your Sales Prospecting

  • A Guide to Using Video in Your Sales Prospecting

    by Mikita Cherkasau


    Author: Mikita CherkasauMarketers have been facing a drastic decrease in email open and response rates over the past decade. This, according to MailerMailer and SilverPop. In today’s information glut, as consumers become better at filtering marketing messages. And now, email just can’t get the same results it once did.


    Breaking Through All the Noise

    So how can you make your messages stand out? We know that sales emails are often easily overlooked. But adding video to your emails can give your company the competitive edge.


    In this article from MarketingProfs, Mikita Cherkasau explains how video can help with your sales prospecting. And, he also gives us an overview of the software options available on the market and tips on how you can craft your videos. So, read on at MarketingProfs,com


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