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A Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting Ads

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting Ads

    by Dan Hecht


    by Dan HechtWe’d all like to think that every single person that comes in contact with our business follows a very straight and orderly path to purchase. Someone visits our site for the first time, fills out a form to download an e-book, then becomes interested in talking with a sales rep, and before you know it, the lead is becoming a customer, handing over their credit card to purchase something from your company.


    The Reality: A Buyer’s Journey is Probably Not So Linear

    People pop over to your website, then leave. Then, a few days after that, they decide to check out another blog post. Maybe a week later they decide to get in touch with Sales. The same end result, but the process is a little more convoluted. So marketers need to be prepared to help their buyers through that convoluted process.


    One Great Way to do That is With Retargeting Ads

    If you’ve never used retargeting before, don’t worry . In this article, Dan Hecht from HubSpot will guide you through the basics of how retargeting works. Then he explain how you can use it to support your larger marketing goals, and even outline an example of a Facebook Ad retargeting campaign. So read the full article at the HubSpot Blog.


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