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9 Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs

  • 9 Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs

    by Lisa Lacy


    Facebook is a compelling platform for advertisers for many reasons. There are powerful targeting options and affordable costs, among others. Your Facebook ad costs, of course, will vary. This can be based on a number of factors, including your audience, industry, goals, and optimization settings.


    What Can You Expect? Ask Some Power-Players

    Dan Rohsler, social account manager at digital agency Power Digital Marketing is someone who knows. He said it is common to expect cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) to vary between $5 and $10 and cost per click (CPC) to come in below $2. Likewise, Kevin Miller, director of growth at home-buying app Open Listings, said a safe average cost per click on Facebook for most businesses is $1.50.


    For the most part, these costs are competitive. And, they are well within reach of most smaller businesses. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at nine actionable steps your brand can take to save money on Facebook ads at WordStream.com

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