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8 Most Common B2B Marketing Mistakes

  • 8 Most Common B2B Marketing Mistakes

    by Bob Bly


    B2B marketing mistakes can kill campaigns and response rates. These B2B business busters are usually made by two kinds of marketers.


    Let’s start with the “conscious uneducated”

    An “uneducated” marketer is one who does not know the fundamentals of direct response marketing. “Conscious” means that, to their credit, they know that they don’t know. And that, at least is a good thing. However, the worst kind of marketer to be is an “unconscious uneducated” marketer. Not only do they know direct marketing basics, they don’t even know what they don’t know.


    Both of these groups repeatedly make these eight common B2B marketing mistakes, and here’s how you can avoid them, on TargetMarketing.com

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