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7 Trials and Tribulations Of Email Outreach

  • 7 Trials and Tribulations Of Email Outreach

    by Dima Dmytro


    Author: Dima DmytroOutreach email campaigns can be a struggle. After all, it’s not unusual to send out thousands of emails knowing full well that the majority of your messages will never even be seen. And less than half will even be read.


    So Why Do We Bother?

    In a world where cold emailing is heavily frowned upon, and a third of all emails are opened based solely on whether the recipient likes the subject line or not, you could be forgiven for thinking that it might all be just a waste of time and resources. However, this isn’t the case. Email outreach is an extremely powerful tool when correctly utilized. But effective email etiquette is a minefield. And many people struggle to run engaging campaigns.


    So to give you a little help to kick off the New Year right, here is a list of the seven biggest trials and tribulations that face email marketers today at KISSmetrics.com

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