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7 Little-Known Lead Generation Ideas Revealed

  • 7 Little-Known Lead Generation Ideas Revealed

    by Dan Stelter


    Author: Dan Stelter "The B2B Lead Gen Guy"What tactics, strategies, and techniques can you use to generate more leads for your business?


    Sometimes Raw Emotions Like “Fear” Can Work

    One suggestion comes from a recent study from Citizen Relations Canada. They found that 68% of Canadian millennials have bought because of a “fear of missing out” (FOMO) marketing approach. And, additionally they discovered that 45% couldn’t go longer than 12 hours without checking their favorite social media platforms.


    So that means that FOMO is powerful indeed. In fact, so are urgency, scarcity, exclusivity, surprise, and social proof. But those are not the only ones. Here are 7 lesser known lead generation marketing ideas you may not know of at WordStream.com.

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