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7 Facebook Retargeting Tactics You Must Try

  • 7 Facebook Retargeting Tactics You Must Try

    by Asi Dayan


    Author: Asi DayanRetargeting in general has proven to be extremely useful. The value of retargeting is  that it focuses upon returning visitors. These are people that have already shown some form of interest in your product or offer. And that translates into much higher odds of both clicking and converting. And, those odds even increase the more often your target customer sees the ad.


    But What About Retargeting on Facebook, You Ask . . .

    What you may not know is that retargeting on Facebook is a super-powerful as well. It is a way to turn your site visitors into converted users who sign up, subscribe, download an e-book, make a purchase, or whatever it is you are trying to achieve with your website and marketing efforts.


    But there’s much more to retargeting than just showing the same generic ads to all your past site visitors from one single retargeting ad set. Keep reading at WordStream.com to learn the seven retargeting tactics that will take your efforts on Facebook to the next level.

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