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7 Creative Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies for Growth

  • 7 Creative Hyperlocal Marketing Strategies for Growth

    by Irina Weber


    Author: Irina WeberThe world is becoming more and more mobile. In fact, according to Google, searches on mobile devices have grown. Currently they are up by 150 percent. So, with that, it makes sense for businesses to tap into this trend. It may be time for you to begin hyperlocal marketing.


    Great! What the Heck is Hyperlocal Marketing?

    Hyperlocal marketing is an entirely new marketing approach. Designed for small, local business, it focuses on a smaller number of shoppers. And in a very defined and smaller area. So, it specifically targets people in highly localized and address-specific regions. Plus, it emphasizes people with a tendency to purchase locally.


    And that means that hyperlocal marketing is a super targeted form of niche marketing. And you don’t need to spend money to generate inbound traffic to your local business. So, to get started, read the full article at Jeff Bullas’s Blog.

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