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6 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Cost $0

  • 6 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Cost $0

    by Jonathon Long


    Today, small businesses simply can’t afford to ignore social media. And there are several reasons why your business needs social media marketing. The number one reason being that it’s where your customers are. And, bear in mind that Facebook alone has more than 2.19 billion active monthly users. Plus Instagram is rapidly growing as well, with estimates at close to one-billion users.


    The Sooner You Become Active on Social Media, the Better

    And as a small business, there can be huge value in Social media marketing. It can allow you to attract new customers and engage with current customers, turning them into repeat customers. Now, while things like Facebook ads and paid promotion require monetary investment, there are several ways you can leverage the power of social media without spending any money.


    Here are six ways that you can use social media to help grow your small business with zero cost at Manta.com

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