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6 Quick Hacks for Increasing Organic Social Media Reach

  • 6 Quick Hacks for Increasing Organic Social Media Reach



    Author: Disha DineshIt has been noticed recently that the organic reach of content published by brands on Facebook is dropping. But, no fear, Facebook is going to “solve” that issue. In an attempt to make feeds more relevant to their users, Facebook has prioritized content shared by friends and family.


    The Cure May Be Worse Than the Disease . . .

    It is important for marketers to remember that social networks are little more than search engines in their own right. And just like Google or Bing or Yahoo, they will continue to focus on their users. They want to give them the most relevant content to them – and not advertisers.


    However, as a brand, how do you make sure that your content continues to reach a high percentage of your target audience.? Paid advertising alone isn’t going to cut it. That probably won’t get you the exposure or brand recognition that you are hoping for. So, what is to be done then? Here are six smart ways to boost your social media reach organically from JeffBullas.com

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