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6 Promotional Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

  • 6 Promotional Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

    from the Jeff Bullas Blog


    From: the Jeff Bullas BlogWith the new year here, it’s a good time to do a final review of your marketing budget. Now, for many marketers, this means a focus on digital channels.


    Promotional Materials Still Maintain a Strong Impact

    But interestingly, non-digital channels still hold a huge amount of influence in today’s internet driven world. And of these, promotional marketing could be seen as one of the most consistently successful at both driving sales and brand presence. But, it helps to know what your customers are looking for in the promotional space and to recognize the trends.


    After all, what do customers value from promotional materials? To learn the latest trends that are emerging in promotional marketing and how they will shape this still powerful marketing strategy in 2019, read on at Jeffbullas’s Blog.

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