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6 Free Resources for Industry-Specific Marketing Benchmarks

  • 6 Free Resources for Industry-Specific Marketing Benchmarks

    by Margot da Cunha


    Author: Margot da CunhaBeing a marketer has many challenges. But one of the hardest among them all is reporting and proving your success to higher-ups. You’re often met with questions like, “Well, how is Competitor X doing?” or “How do these numbers compare with industry standards?”


    Questions. Questions. So Many Questions.

    Now, sadly, it is still illegal to hack into your competitors’ marketing reports. However, there are several tools and resources available that provide data for your specific vertical.


    Whether you’re a marketer in retail, hospitality, technology, or non-profit, these resources will help you understand how you compare to your competitors without breaking any laws. You can Check out 6 free industry resources for marketing benchmarking statistics you use to prove (or disprove) your success at WordStream.com

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