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6 Cognitive Biases You Can Exploit to Boost Sales

  • 6 Cognitive Biases You Can Exploit to Boost Sales

    by Robert Mening


    Author: Robert MeningAs human beings, we tend to think we are perfectly rational beings. But, in reality we aren’t. At least that’s what decades of cognitive research has shown. And that research has shown that simple, seemingly innocent tweaks can significantly influence the choices that consumers make.


    These simple tweaks can significantly influence decisions thanks to cognitive biases.


    Scientifically Speaking

    Cognitive biases are common mistakes in reasoning that occur when we value perception or beliefs over reality. And some of these cognitive biases are common enough that you can count on them to influence consumer behavior, and even include them in your marketing strategy.


    To get you started, here are six cognitive biases that you can use in your marketing strategy to boost sales at WordStream.com

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