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6 Branding Mistakes Undermining Your Company’s Image

  • 6 Branding Mistakes Undermining Your Company’s Image

    by Karla Cook


    Author: Karla Cook

    In 1982, Colgate decided to jump on the frozen food craze. They released a line of Colgate-branded frozen entrees called Colgate Kitchen Entrees. At the time, the growing ready-to-eat meals market seemed like a great space. After all they were already a successful company. There was just one big problem for Colgate: their brand


    OOOPS! Well That Didn’t Work, Now Did It

    It seems that they were trying to sell food under a brand that people heavily associated with toothpaste. And it just didn’t work. This now infamous example of branding-gone-wrong illustrates the immense impact branding has on how a company’s actual products are received.


    To help you navigate the challenging process of building a sustainable brand for your company, here is a list of common branding blunders to avoid at all costs at HubSpot.com

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