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5 Ways to Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate

  • 5 Ways to Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate

    by Brad Smith


    Author: Brad SmithEven though mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic way back in 2016, many advertisers are still treating their campaigns with a desktop approach. They optimize their campaigns, ad groups, and landing pages for desktop first. Thinking that then they can start to bring in mobile traffic on the side.


    But, that simply doesn’t work anymore

    Now, it seems that mobile users have vastly different behavior than desktop searchers. Using the same strategy across devices isn’t viable. And in support of this idea, recently WordStream released some new data on average mobile ad conversion rates. And the data revealed that the conversion rates vary widely based on what kind of ad we’re looking at. So, that means that you can’t even generalize across all mobile ads; the type of ad you’re using makes a big difference too.


    Today’s PPC marketers need to optimize for mobile users and improve the conversion experience on smaller devices. Here are five tips to maximize conversions on your mobile-targeted search ads starting today on WordStream.com

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