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5 Strategies to Improve PPC Lead Quality

  • 5 Strategies to Improve PPC Lead Quality

    by Michelle Morgan


    Author: Michelle MorganGenerating leads with PPC campaigns can be challenging. But, generating high-quality leads is even harder.


    Lead generation is Not an Easy or Simple Matter

    Lead generation, by it’s nature, leaves the door open for anyone to convert on the initial lead conversion stage, regardless of their actual ability to buy the end product. As a result, the quality of those leads can vary widely. And because of this, we need to develop strategies to target higher quality leads and deter unqualified users from filling out our forms.


    Yep, you read that right. To shift your lead generaion into high gear, you may need to turn people away from your business. And, you will need to purposefully try to prevent people from filling out your form. Here are 5  strategies to try that we think will help you improve the quality of leads from your PPC campaigns at WordStream.com

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