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5 Data-Backed Tips for Great Facebook Ad Headlines

  • 5 Data-Backed Tips for Great Facebook Ad Headlines

    by Marc Schenker


    Author: Marc SchenkerThe number of businesses that use Facebook for ads and Business Pages is truly astounding. A whopping 93% of marketers that use social media for advertising run Facebook ads. And that makes it by far the most popular platform for paid social.


    But, with all that competition, it’s imperative to maximize your use of Facebook. And one of the most effective techniques aimed at making this happen is to learn how to master the science of writing outstanding ad headlines.


    Did you know that most people only really read headlines?

    It’s true! And when your brand is competing with such a great number of others on Facebook, you have to distinguish yourself and fast. So here is a collection of five tried and tested tips for writing effective Facebook ad headlines to help you increase conversions and engagement at WordStream.com

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