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5 Big Changes in B2B Buying Behavior You Need to Know

  • 5 Big Changes in B2B Buying Behavior You Need to Know

    by Ruth P. Stevens


    Author: Ruth P. StevensIf you’re a B2B marketer, and especially if you work for a services provider, your environment is about to be upended. Your customers are changing. And so are the ways those customers buy.


    The Winds of Change Are Upon Us

    There is mounting evidence that B2B buyer behaviors are shifting due to a number of dynamic forces. While those forces are slowing moving the markets we work in, most have not noticed the shifts. And if we don’t move with those forces, we will be left in the dust.


    In this article from Target Marketing Magazine, Ruth P. Stevens brings forward five glaring developments in business buying behavior that you need to know about. And once you know, you must consider how to adapt and, better yet, turn the changes to your advantage. To learn what those developments are, read the full article at Target Marketing Magazine Online.

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