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4 Keyword Research Strategies to Find Your Product-Market Fit

  • 4 Keyword Research Strategies to Find Your Product-Market Fit

    by Gabrielle Sadeh


    Author: Gabrielle SadehAll too often, keyword research is seen as only useful for SEO. And, therefore, is considered to only be useful when driving growth for an existing business. It seems that a lot of people see keyword research as something that comes into play only once your business has already created its products. But what if we have it all backwards? After all, there’s little-to-no ROI in getting eyeballs on a product people don’t want.


    Why Use Keyword Research for Product-Market Fit?

    Product-market fit is one of the first things to think about when you start a business. And ideally, you never really stop thinking about it. As your audience grows, their demands change. And their needs evolve. So, you’ll need to constantly adjust your strategy so it serves them best.


    This may all sound complicated, and it can be. But not if you stay in tune with what your market wants and needs. And keyword research lets you do that at every stage of business growth. And, to learn how to put this all together for your business, read the full article at WordStream.com

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