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4 Focal Points for Marketing to Millennials

  • 4 Focal Points for Marketing to Millennials

    by Ani Stepanian


    Author: Ani StepanianIn today’s ever-changing world of technology, it seems almost impossible to define a finite process to target and market to millennials. The challenge is complicated by shrinking attention spans and new apps regularly popping up. Marketers are having a difficult time figuring out exactly how to market to this peculiar demographic.


    A Target Market In Constant Flux, But Easier To Hit Than Most Think

    This should not be “rocket science” after all. In reality, this constantly moving generation is one of the easiest buyer pools to enter. If you can master a few simple principles and understand some basics of what influences this market, you can master it. First, we’ll tackle the top two key influences that are driving buying/consumer behavior.


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