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3 Tips to Wake Up Nonresponders and Boost Email Open Rates

  • 3 Tips to Wake Up Nonresponders and Boost Email Open Rates

    from VirticalResponse


    Vertical Response - BlogFiguring out what resonates with your readers can be a head-scratcher for even the savviest email marketer. Why does one campaign perform well? And why does another perfectly good one seems to fall flat?



    Follow-up emails to your non-responders may be able to help.

    Non-responders are the people who didn’t read an email the first time around. But that doesn’t mean an email campaign is lost on them. Perhaps the message got buried in their inbox. Or it arrived when they were too busy to open it. Or it simply didn’t appeal to them at first glance. Follow-up emails are great for promotional content like sales, events and fundraisers that have a specific goal or expiration date, whether it’s redeeming a specific coupon, registering for an event or donating to a current fundraising campaign. But they can be used for nearly any type of email campaign.


    To see three tips to wake up those non-responders and give your open rates a boost. read the full article on the VirticalRespsonse Blog site

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