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3 Points About Email Marketing Effectiveness Trends

  • 3 Points About Email Marketing Effectiveness Trends

    from Marketing Charts


    Ascend2 Email Marketing Priorities Jan2020Marketers at companies large and small continue to rely upon email as the critical tool in their marketing arsenal. And they continue to do so because, even after all these years, it still works.


    The Times, They are a Changing

    But times – and audiences – change and to stay relevant, email marketing strategies need to mold, evolve and adjust to match the market and continue to work. And the strategies and goals are shifting.


    And according to a recent study from Ascend2, [download page] when it comes to goals for email marketing strategies in 2020, there is a shift in priorities taking place. And to see what these shifting priorities are and what they mean, see the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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