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2018 B2B Video Completion Rates and Success Benchmarks

  • 2018 B2B Video Completion Rates and Success Benchmarks

    from Marketing Charts


    B2B Video Completion Rates, by Length in 2018We know that in the B2C space, marketing videos have grown in popularity. But, this year B2B marketers have also named video as their top lead generation tactic.


    But keeping B2B buyers engaged can sometimes be a struggle. Marketers are constantly challenged with the cold, hard reality of engagement. So, the question remains if they work and how they can work harder for our marketing. And, can video really help with that?


    One measure of video marketing success is video completion rate. That means, people watching the complete video from start to finish. And a new video benchmarks from Vidyard [download page] offers insights into  that very benchmark. And what they found for completion rates for business-related videos, and the results are encouraging.


    But beyond just completion rates, the study offers other benchmarks for business-related videos on Vidyard’s platform in 2018. To see what those are and to learn just how effective B2B marketing videos can be, read the full article at MarketingCharts.com

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