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14 Non-traditional Marketing Methods

  • 14 Non-traditional Marketing Methods

    from Forbs.com


    Increasing the brand awareness of your business is the goal of every communications professional. You use content, influencers, social media and virtually every other tool available to you. But have you stopped to think outside the box?


    Don’t Forget, It’s All In Their Mind . . .

    With your brand identity living in your customers’ minds, you need to consider innovative ways to grab their attention and align their thought process with yours. You need to attract loyal customers. You need to develop fans that choose your business over your competitors. And, most of all, you need a standout idea can make all the difference when it comes to consumer brand choice.


    So, from experiential marketing to doing something quirky, learn the 14 less traditional marketing channels, read the full article at Forbs.com

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