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13 Urgency-Inducing Tricks to Drive Sales

  • 13 Urgency-Inducing Tricks to Drive Sales

    by Brad Smith


    Author: Brad SmithIt was one of Cialdini’s bedrock principles. The one that created demand out of thin air. That compelled people to finally, at long last, take action. To buy, share, and break through the inertia that prevents any change whatsoever.


    It’s urgency.

    Scarcity provides that sense of urgency that forces us to make a decision, to change, even though we’re hardwired not to like change. Sure, we want the upside. But we can’t stomach the downside – change – in most cases. So nothing happens.


    So how can you break through that barrier? Here are 13 tried-and-true urgency-inducing tactics you can start using to increase sales at WordStream.com

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