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13 of Our Best Local Marketing Tips…Ever!

  • 13 of Our Best Local Marketing Tips…Ever!

    by Dan Shewan


    Author: Dan ShewanMuch to the relief of pretty much everyone, SoLoMo as a catch-phrase for Social Local Mobile, failed to catch on and become part of digital marketing’s lexicon. However, that doesn’t mean that local search also fell by the wayside. If anything, it’s become even more crucial than it was a couple of years ago. This is especially true for brick-and-mortar businesses hoping to drive more foot traffic to their store.


    Used to Be That “all politics are local.” Well Now All Search is Local. Or it Should be.

    To help you maximize your local visibility, we’ll be looking back at the 13 best local marketing tips we’ve ever published. Some are highly specific. While others serve as more of a generalized guide. But if you’re trying to reach new customers in your area, grab a coffee and read on at WordStream.com

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