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12 Creative Ways To Use YouTube For Branding

  • 12 Creative Ways To Use YouTube For Branding

    from the Forbes Communications Council


    The number of YouTube viewers is steadily on the rise. Plus, the site’s recently engagement hit 1.47 billion viewers in 2017. And now, it is expected to increase to an estimated 1.86 billion by 2021. Now, this data shows the platform’s power to reach more of your consumers. And, to ultimately, benefit your business.


    Thats Great! But How Can I Use It?

    YouTube offers a range of ways to interact with your customer base. From using influencers to hawk your products to creating viral videos that consumers gravitate towards. So, adding YouTube to your marketing arsenal can prove to be an effective way to reach more customers. And, it can make your brand more visible with more people.


    In this article, 12 members of Forbes Communications Council share creative ways a business can leverage the YouTube platform in its branding efforts. Read the full article at Forbes.com

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