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10 Ways Social Media Fuels Inbound Marketing

  • 10 Ways Social Media Fuels Inbound Marketing

    by Sian Jaylo


    10 Ways Social Media Fuels Inbound MarketingYour social media efforts can help establish your online presence. And it can drive traffic to your brand. From creating increased exposure to converting leads consistently, it works. So, social media campaigns should be the backbone of your digital marketing strategy.


    In spite of all of the recent bad press, social media is still important. According to Sprout Social, Facebook has over 2 billion active users. Instagram has 400 million daily active users. And Twitter boasts 326 million monthly active users who send 500 million tweets daily.


    And That Represents a Lot of Potential Customers for Your Brand

    But the benefits of social media and inbound marketing goes beyond the sheer volume and reach. Social media lets you deliver exactly what your audience wants. It provides them with engagement, education, and confidence.


    To learn more of why social media is the perfect marketing tool for giving your audience what they want, read the full article at DrumUp

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